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     I began soul searching at the age of 17. I felt there had to be something deeper in life that what I was experiencing in Missoula Montana. I began training in Transcendental Meditation and at 20 years old was touched by Baba Muktananda. I became a Vegetarian and began a 12 year journey, searching for inner balance and for the freedom that I hoped feeling truly present would bring.


     Of course, I had little knowledge of diet and life-style and had many health issues that were exacerbated by the way I was caring for myself.  I’d hardly ever eaten a fresh vegetable in my early life! I had an under-active thyroid, hypoglycemia, anemia and anxiety attacks.  


     Upon coming to New York to pursue Modern Dance, I was drawn to waitressing in a Macrobiotic restaurant and  began to learn the principles and the special foods of that dietary system as well as some of the preparation skills involved.

“We don’t have to accept our current health situation as inevitable based on genetics, age, or previous illness.”

     Despite all of my good intentions, I was far from achieving optimal health.  I began working with Annie Fox, a wonderful holistic counselor, and, using mostly macrobiotic principles, we adjusted my diet, lifestyle and spiritual practice step by step. Annie took me under her wing as an apprentice for 5 years.  She taught me Five Element Theory used in Ancient Chinese Medicine and Visual Diagnosis.  We found that I had quite a knack for cooking tasty, healthy food. She sent me to her consulting clients to help them implement her lifestyle and spiritual recommendations.


     As an Educator, Consultant and Chef, my business grew. I continued to immerse myself in the study of the relationship between Food and Healing, working carefully with each client’s unique constitution, condition and health problems.  My family came along and the experience of raising children contributed exponentially to my knowledge of not only the Healing Power of Food, but also the Healing Power of Love and challenging life experiences. 


     I am passionate about getting to the root of health challenges and optimizing all areas of life for my clients: not only the physical, but also the emotional and spiritual, as they are intrinsically intertwined.  It is my heartfelt wish to reach as many people as possible with this knowledge of healing. 




  • Transcendental Meditation Training: 1972


  • University of Utah: Bachelor of Arts, Modern Dance, 1975 to 1979


  • Apprenticeship with Annie Fox: Five Element Theory and Ancient Chinese Visual Diagnosis, 1984 to 1989.  I was Annie’s hands-on person, helping clients implement her diet and life-style recommendations.


  • Re-Evaluation Counseling: was an active member of a community  from 1991 to 2006.


  • Staff member New York Open Center: Taught a class called “Food and Emotional Balance”, followed by 6 weeks of group cooking classes. 1987 to 1990.


  • Visual Diagnosis: course with William Spear, 1989.


  • Macrobiotic Society of New York: Taught group cooking classes for Director Estelle Gura, 1990 to 1991 and delivered food to clients based on recommendations from Kushi Institute senior teachers with whom they had consulted.


  • Holistic Personal Chef:  I have been cooking for private clients with a range of illnesses, some quite serious, preparing menus based on recommendations from doctors and alternative health professionals, from 1983 and ongoing.


  • Mentorship with Rudolph Steiner Educators for the purpose of homeschooling groups of children, 1992 to 1999.


  • Dr. Sheryl Leventhal, MD, former Oncologist now practicing Functional Medicine: began recommending clients to me in 2003.


  • Moshe Heller LAC, Acupuncturist, began recommending clients to me in 2011.


  • Dedicated Yoga Practice: 2005 to present with master teachers: Petrina Plecko, Michele Sapanaro, Raji Thron, and Trella and Andrew Dolgin


  • Formal certifications:  Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Holistic Health Coach, Macrobiotics America, Macrobiotic Counselor.


All posts and information provided within this website is for informational and educational purposes only, and is not to be construed as medical advice. No action should be taken solely on the contents of this website. Please consult your physician or doctor on any matters regarding your health and wellbeing. The information provided on this blog is believed to be accurate based on my research, education and training. However, you as the reader must be responsible for consulting with your own health professional for your own matters. The author will not accept any responsibility for the actions or consequential results of any action taken by any reader.


FDA Disclaimer

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