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Welcome to a Healthy Lifestyle!

Health Consultant

Debra specializes in, "Deep Sleep and Immunity." She offers private and semi-private consultations. Debra has a treasure chest of tools to share with you and will guide you step by step towards sustainable habits. You will discover a wonderful sense of ownership of your health and body, impacting all areas of your life.

Cooking Classes

Debra began her career cooking healing foods for

those with cancer and other serious illnesses. She has over 35 years of experience as a personal and medicinal chef, creating delicious menus from multiple cuisines and food traditions. Working with experts' recommendations, dietary preferences, guidelines and restrictions, she will teach you to create tasty and nutrient-dense menus that will support your vibrant health and mental clarity.

Public Speaking

Debra specializes in, "Deep Sleep and Immunity." She asks each person to share their health concerns and then weaves them into a tapestry of information and recommendations using, Awaken Your Inner Food Guru, as a visual aid and reference.

The truth is that we don’t have to accept our current health situation as chronic or inevitable based on genetics, age, or previous illness.


Testimonial: “Feeling really good every day is an attainable goal. You need not suffer the conditions that people come to accept as “part of life” – headaches, upset stomach, heartburn, constipation, arthritis and so many more. Debra can help you identify which foods are right for your particular constitution and condition.” - Susan   

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