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Everyday HAPPY Clients!

"Debra Reich has been a wonderful resource to patients who need an understanding of the 

healing power of food and healthy lifestyle choices. 

Her vast experience affords us many creative solutions to help patients enjoy dietary changes.

In addition, Debra is skilled in supporting patients to work through emotional and life style issues which may obstruct their healing process."

LAC, Acupuncturist

Moshe Heller


After treatment for a dual cancer diagnosis Debra literally fed me back to health! I learned experientially the connection between food and healing as Debra cooked tasty meals designed to strengthen my immune system.

Debra was flexible as I tried a variety of approaches to diet and health. She has turned me into a food snob who now understands the value of eating meals that are balanced and delicious.


Former Client/Cancer Survivor

I thoroughly enjoyed and devoured everything you made last visit. The spring rolls were spectacular! The seaweed salad was finger-lickin!  


OH! I woke up with a bad headache Monday morning. I did the Jin Shin touch points you showed me and the headache miraculously went away! What's crazy is that I could FEEL the energy rush out of my head ... like a cold waterfall. It was AMAZING !


Former Client



Feeling really good every day is an attainable goal. You need not suffer the conditions that people come to accept as “part of life” – headaches, upset stomach, heartburn, constipation and so many more.  Debra can help you identify which foods are right for your particular constitution and condition and she can prepare them for you into absolutely delicious meals.


Former Client

"Debra Reich has an astounding depth of knowledge and insight into how what we eat affects us physically and emotionally as well as how it affects our long-term health.  What’s more, she translates this invaluable information into foods that are delicious and satisfying. For anyone facing a challenging diagnosis, I can attest that Debra’s work will support your vitality and well-being. It has done so in our case beyond our wildest dreams."


Former Client/Cancer Survivor

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