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Finding Inner Quiet With Ease...Find Out How and Why

The 21 Minute Inversion: Yep 21.

How do you find that inner reserve, resilience that is our essence? The thing that connects us to our balance and inner peace.

How do you find that, “Sweet Space” where everything falls away except that delightful fuzzy sense of inner bliss?


When I was in my teens I would find myself belly down on my parents bed at the end of a long school day. Maybe it was the size of their bed or maybe they were my rock and I wanted to absorb some of them. I would drift away into a deep restful place where that little bit of drool coming out the corner of my mouth would bring me back from the deep place I was in. I would feel restored, resilient and ready to move on to homework and the rest of my daily activities.

This was not an inversion but had many similar effects.

I now find in my yoga practice that they call this kind of deep restoration, savasana.

Taking savasana to another level is my intention for writing this post.

The 21 minute inversion. When I started having hot flashes in my 50’s I would elevate my legs on a couch cushion just high enough for my lower legs to be above the level of my heart. If I wasn’t absolutely certain that if was a full 20 mins. I would have a mini hot flash by midnight. Yes, in one evening this would happen. Now I have to forget about my inversion for several days before that mini hot flash starts to show itself. This means my reserves are building a bit. Yippee!

Here’s how it goes:

Lying down elevate your lower legs above the level of you heart for 21 mins..

That’s it! This is the simplest version of what I am sharing here.

For added benefits:

  • Chose a quiet space to be in.

  • Rest your hands on your abdomen.

  • Interlace your fingers while resting them on your abdomen. In Jin Shin the fingers have a profound healing effect on all of the meridians and therefore all the organs of our body.

  • Breath deeply into your belly noticing the rise and fall of your breath into your hands.

  • Let the breath flow softly in and out of your nose into the belly for stimulation of the vegas nerve. The vegas nerve runs through the diaphragm and the breath stimulating this nerve restores and calms our nervous system.

The Perks:

  • Restores tiring brain.

  • Restores our reserves of energy creating more resilience.

  • Insures proper blood supply to the pituitary and pineal glands which control proper functioning or our hormones, respiratory and circulatory systems and more.

  • Soothes us to allow alleviation of insomnia and memory loss. Believe me it works.

  • Strengthens the lungs relieving coughs and colds.

  • Soothes the heart for relief of palpitations and ill ease.

  • Warms the body.

  • Raises the hemoglobin content in our blood. In Chinese Medicine the blood is the conduit of Chi or vitality.

Make it work for you. Elevate your legs and clasp your fingers while watching t.v. or hanging out chatting with a friend.

Follow the breath and let yourself drift away if that’s what suits you today.

Some days you may want to just hang out with your family in this sweet way my kids did on the day I got this random photo from them, “CHILLIN”……

We can never get too much “CHILLIN” time.

Keep it light. Don’t push it. Find some quiet time for

each and every day.

Blessings to you always…


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