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BONE BROTH is the new 'IT' for overall health and well being.

I have been making bone marrow broth for clients for many years at the recommendation of Accupuncturist, Moshe Heller and Functional Medicine Doctor, Sheryl Leventhal.

The problem being is that I have not come home and made it for my family.

I began making various kinds of broth over the holidays this year and having 1 cup daily. I started to notice a wonderful strength, flexibility and sense of well being. Suddenly I noticed that my rotator cuff, painful for 15 years, was no longer painful. My hamstring, which causes a lot of pain while driving was painless. I was having no little twinges of a possible migraine and not having to focus so much on getting so much olive oil daily.

Sally Fallon's, "Nourishing Broth", book is wonderful and full of many studies with well-supported facts on bone broth.

I have a recipe in my soup section on this website: Bone Broth Recipe.


Bone Broth is a remedy for:

Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Cancer-Yep, it increases white blood cells and activates T-cells and B-cells. It causes the death of solid tumors.

Digestive Disorders including Colitis and Chron's

Skin Eruptions

Mental and Nervous System Health


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