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What, "should", I eat?

A client called me recently that is vegan and said she knows she is not eating correctly and can tell that some of the advice she gets on what to eat is not what's best for her.It is not an easy task to figure out what a balanced diet is for each of us. It's important to look at our blood type, our ayurvedic dosha, our lifestyle, our age, diet history, constitution and present condition.Here are three articles which might be helpful. One shows foods best eaten and foods best avoided to prevent cancer. Another discusses protein deficiency in long time vegetarians, (especially when very active), and the third is about how beneficial it would be on many levels for us to reduce meat consumption.


*Hidden Signs of Protein Deficiency *Five ways to reduce breast cancer. I believe the foods considered to cause cancer may be eaten sparingly. That could even mean modest amounts daily.

Eat small amounts of me with reverence!

I hope you have gleaned from my blog that a variety of good quality foods of all types is ideal. I do have client's with serious illness who have had diet coke all day long for years or eaten cheese as their only animal protein for a very long time.If you read posts from the very beginning of my blog you will get a start on some basics of what all of our bodies need. Good quality salt is my first post.Let me know if you have any specific questions.Cheers! Deb

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