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Salt is the key......acid/alkaline.

The potassium/sodium relationship in our bodies is key to opening the door to optimal

health and well being. Our blood is the same saline solution as sea water. A diet that includes a moist, unprocessed, sun dried sea salt and a few sea vegetables will create a ph or acid/alkaline balance in our bodies that is necessary to ward off every illness from the common cold to cancer and other serious illnesses.


  • Refined sugars, alcohol, coffee, and excessive fruits and even vinegars can deplete sodium/minerals. We don't want our food to be too salty, but we do want it to be tasty.

  • When we sweat a lot from excessive exercise or very hot weather we need to be sure to eat a little extra salt. Potassium can also be depleted by excessive activity and heat and we therefore need to keep a good balance of vegetables and fruits in our diets.

  • Bananas are very high in potassium and can deplete sodium in the body. We do live ina temperate climate so it's best to moderate tropical fruits if we are run down or dealing with any illness. Take time to notice if bananas help cramping during exercise as it's possible that your body needs more sodium.

  • If your blood pressure tends to be on the low side you might guess that you need more salt and less potassium. The opposite of course being true if you have high blood pressure. In this case consume plenty of fruits and vegetables which will increase your potassium and keep your salt to a minimum.

  • Acid/alkaline is a tricky subject. My training is based on macrobiotic and traditional chinese medicine theory. The thinking there is that a food that is alkaline becomes acid in the body, ala. fruits, vinegars, etc.

  • Foods that are acid become alkaline in the body, ala. whole grains, and various proteins.

  • We all need to find our own balance each day. By eating a wide variety of whole foods and in many cases animal proteins we can begin our journey down the path to finding our best sense of self and health.

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